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Welcome to the middle space

It can be difficult when the world around you is changing at such a fast pace that you cannot keep up!

It can feel like an out-of-control whirlwind and to be honest it really is!

My question to you is, are you able to change that whirlwind?

If yes! Then blinking go for it! Make that change Do it now!

If not, then sit with me!

I am sitting at the centre of that whirlwind watching it and occasionally dipping my hand in to check the speed and see if I can make a change!

I am sitting in the centre and changing what I can to deal with those whirlwinds that are going all around me!

Truth is I cannot change them!

I cannot change war!

I cannot change poverty!

I cannot change Gas price!

I cannot change discrimination!

Occasionally I can touch out and express my view, protest, help in what way I can, support a charity, or hug a distressed friend in need.

But that is where my limitations currently lie, where are your limitations?

If I step into that whirlwind it's easy to get swept up completely and fly off into a storm that is raging that I cannot change and by doing that It's easy to miss the small things I can do to support the world. If I was in the whirlwind of anxiety and news I would not be able to provide the support I do!

So what about the middle?

What can I do to keep my middle-centred space?

We are making changes to practical things and changing what we can, this is our personal list feel free to add your suggestions below!

1: shopping more from charity shops

2: walking more and staying local

3: Spending time offline and off the electric cost

4: using the electricity more when it’s sunny (solar power privileged thankyou to the housing association we rent from)

5: cooking more and eating out less

These things may not help you, you may be already at the point when this is not helpful and you have tried them all.

I have been there; I don’t know how I would do the weekly shop on £20 as I used to when the kids were little if this is you please contact your local charities and authority for help!

But back to my point, these are some ways I protect my centre by been proactive as possible about what I can change and keeping up my daily habits:

1: meditation

2: gratitude

3: visualisation

4: mindfulness

Now some people may think this is just hippy stuff but there is real research out there showing how these things are beneficial for cognitive wellbeing and growth. If you want to have a look I am happy to point the way!

Don’t just do it one day and then come say to me it didn’t work

Try it every day

Build it into routines

MAKE These things your centre in a stormy world

Take control of what you can do, help in whatever way you are able and then empower and support the people who can take control.

Lots of love from the middle of the whirlwind

Tracy ❤💕

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