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About Me

Experienced. Qualified. Supportive.

As a seasoned professional in the realms of Positive Psychology and Coaching, Tracy Kearns MSc embodies a commitment to fostering holistic well-being and personal growth. Armed with a Master's in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, complemented by dual degrees in Psychology and Childhood Studies, Tracy possesses a comprehensive understanding of human development and behaviour.


Her professional journey seamlessly weaves together academic expertise and hands-on experience, including collaborative work with academics to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

In addition to her academic achievements, Tracy brings a personal touch to her work as a mother of two neurodiverse teenagers, infusing her coaching sessions and positive parenting initiatives with invaluable insights and empathy.


Her passion extends beyond traditional psychology, encompassing a role as a skilled Shamanic Practitioner, where she offers healing sessions that integrate ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques.

Tracy is a fervent advocate for positive parenting, providing support to parents navigating the amazingness and the challenges of raising children. Her age-inclusive coaching approach starts from 8 years old and beyond, tailoring sessions to meet the unique needs and developmental stages of each client, fostering self-discovery, resilience, and positive transformation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Tracy finds solace and inspiration in the simple pleasures of life. An avid reader, enthusiastic walker, and nature lover, she embraces the therapeutic benefits of literature, outdoor activities, and camping.

In every facet of her work, Tracy is dedicated to promoting positive change, personal growth, and holistic well-being, making her a sought-after professional in the fields of positive psychology, coaching, and shamanic healing.

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