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Eco Coaching 

Coaching Outside Brings a Whole New Depth To Coaching, connecting to nature and the world around you , working with skills such as forest bathing, and elemental energy work!
 Confidence-building and Anxiety Busting Coaching Sessions!
Our eco-coaching program offers a transformative journey toward holistic well-being, blending nature-inspired coaching techniques to reconnect you with the wisdom of the natural world. Whether battling self-doubt or seeking balance, we empower you to tap into your strengths, clarify goals, and cultivate purpose. Join us to unlock your potential, embrace nature's beauty, and create a life aligned with your values.

Dates for Eco Coaching Are Limited Contact us Today to Grab a Space!


Local Eco Coaching Peterborough

Our Local Coaching Sessions run in a few different places over the City depending on the weather!

During this time as with all coaching, we co-create a space for you to explore what is needed!

A time to reach into connection with our local areas and build confidence while outside!

These sessions are 1hr 30 minute sessions.

£75 per session ( subsidised spaces available)

Coach Near You

Want to work at a local beach or forest for your Coaching session?

We have our day-long coaching service where we will come and work at your location and spend the day with you!

This could be walking around a local beach, working with anxiety about swimming in the sea or connecting with your local forest in a new way.

Or even going to the arcades that you have always wanted to do but found overwhelming!

Our Day Long Coaching Near You Sessions are about spending the day doing what you need to do and building confidence in your space!

Depending on Location and Day of Year prices start at £700, Payment plans are available on request

Beach Meditation

EarthEcho Retreat 

We are currently building a retreat for space to work outside with nature, light fires, sit with the forest and connect with the world and ourselves!

This weekend's Retreat will be a down-to-earth and connecting weekend with space to explore your connection to the earth and space to breathe in the amazingness of the world around us!


We will be:

Letting go of what is not needed

Building Confidence in connection

Working with the fire ( firewalk optional)

Stepping into space to share and Grow

Spending time out in nature 

Working with the earth and connecting to our ancestors.

The price is not yet set as we are confirming the costs of the firewalk and location it will be between  £400 -£700 and payment plans are available for this beautiful weekend away.

Watch this space and Click HERE to  Grab your space on the information list for this one! 

Support Getting Out That Door!

Leaving the house can be hard, especially in a place of anxiety and depression. From Personal experience, agraphobia is something I know isn't just that step-out-the-door moment but a lot behind it and it can make going out an impossibility. I can come to your house and we can start building towards local eco coaching sessions!

If you are struggling to get out and about let's build up to eco coaching and work together to get you out of the house

Contact to Grab a Space

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