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We have had the Lurgy

We have had the Lurgy

Not sure which lurgy but it’s definitely hit every single one of us in the house and As a mum of someone who really doesn’t like to take medication, I thought I would share my household tips!

1. Drink!

It can be hard to get fluid down children when they are unwell,l some of the ways we have found over the years are

  • Jelly

  • ice lollies

  • different squashes at different temperatures

  • nettle tea ( mine liked it cause they picked it!)

  • water bottles, and different containers!

If you have any extra ideas I would love to hear them!

2. Keeping clean

Ok, so as a mum of two teenage boys this is something we sometimes battle with especially as one of mine has sensory needs and cannot stand water or tissue!

So over the years, we have found that different fabrics and containers have helped, for example, good old fashions flannel is better than sponges!

Look into what works for your family before you really need it!

We tend to wash bed linin as frequently as possible when unwell and make sure to open the windows for at least a few hours a day!

  • Soap

  • bars

  • foam

  • shower gel

  • jellies

  • good old hand soap

I have found that keeping clean needs options!

When little we used to have bath pens, body pens, paint, soap bubbles, flashing lights, music anything to make clean fun it was like a party at bath time!

3. Bedtime breathing

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when mine is full of cold, I tend to spend way too much time listening to them breathe!

I go for the eucalyptus oils in my diffuser, and pillow mountain is a speciality when we are ill!

I honestly would go for what feels best for your family we prefer natural remedies but there is a lot of products out there for your little ones breathing at night!

The biggest tip we have is to keep that head up high and to use a humidifier or diffuser!

I can remember hanging over a bowl with a tea towel over my head as a child to clear my airwaves Not sure that one is suggested anymore!

Obviously with this one and the others if your child is struggling to breathe then contact the doctors or emergency services whatever is needed!

4. Tissue usage!

Tissues are a huge sensory issue in this house, we end up using cut-up towels, sponges, tissues with pictures, cut-up bed linen, and blankets!

Anything that is not their hand!

If using reusable items then wash them as you would nappies!

5. Taking medication

I have seen parents really stress about this one and defiantly been there myself it is difficult to mix parenting styles that are non-demanding and empowering with medication that has to be taken!

If you have no other options and your children need to take the medication my tips are :

  • Explain why

  • Give options to how (what spoon?)

  • Explore timing controls (Could giving them the power to choose between 4:50 and 5 be the difference)

  • Can they create a medication routine?

Try to give as much autonomy as possible let them create the boundaries, also accept that sometimes your child is not going to agree and if it is needed then medication may be an area that those boundaries are broken.

  • Comfort your child afterwards

  • Give them space to feel their emotion

  • Explain when calm why it was done

  • Ask if they can think of a better way forward

  • Create space to talk about things we don’t like but have to do

And most importantly don’t beat yourself up!

Children sometimes need medical procedures and medication that they do not want but need, as parents, you have to do the best you can for them even if that clashes with empowering their individuality.

What are your best tips for people who are struggling with the lurgy spreading through their homes!

How do you support your family?

What do you do that is different from others that may support them?

Share your tips in the comments below!

Or join our growing positive parenting Group on Facebook to share every day tips!

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