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Push Your Boundaries and Have Fun!

This week’s activity plan is to spend some time laughing, go wild and let loose!

When was the last time you pretended to be a unicorn running down the street on a skateboard?

If the answer is not last week, then what are you doing with life?

Ok so maybe not that far 😊


My point is making the time to have fun and take life lightly can be a good release of pressure in life for you and your children.

Watch funny movie

Play Pictionary or charades, classics for a reason!

How about musical bumps or statues?

See what shapes you can make while jumping on the trampoline

AND for all of these, I do mean you as adults not just watch with your children!

Adults need play in their lives as much as children, your children are also more likely to learn to play if you example how!

What do you want? Confident children, who will do anything or to worry about your hang-ups of people watching you?

Then you need to model that behaviour, show them how to let go and have a great time, turn the music on and dance with them children enjoy having fun with their parents, this is a great way and time to build communication with your children and build their confidence in themselves and in you!

The truth is those people who are watching you are often jealous that they cannot let loose with their own lives and have fun!

I have memories of walking around parks with inflatable toys on my head and jumping into puddles that definitely did not look that deep.

I would also often do the unicorn thing at the top of the page!

Now I look on in joy as my teenagers copy these carefree behaviours and enjoy their time as individuals without thinking of what others are thinking of them.

I am not saying it was easy at those points, I struggled for years with what others thought of me and had to really push my comfort zone to do those activities but it worked!

Amazing things happen when you push your boundaries and have fun

I would love to see and hear about your amazing fun activities!

Have a great week


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