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HOT Weather ideas

We all know that as a person living in England you must moan about the weather

IT is just the thing to do

But also because we are just not set up for the heat without air con which is not built into most houses the heat can have effects on people of all ages and for all reasons.

This week I have spoken to parents struggling to get their children to sleep, babywearing, room temperatures and generally very grumpy families!

This grumpiness can make life so difficult for families especially when you are trying to role model behaviours that you want

Swearing, moaning, and grumping are not really the qualities you are looking to get mimicked.

Now I can’t do anything about the heat, and I am sure that you have read most tips so I am going to just tell you what has worked for us over the years

Firstly keeping a house cool can be a rhythm just like everything else in the house,

Opening the windows and doors wide in the morning, (put the fans next to them and blow the cool air in)

As we hit the height of the day depending on your house I have found closing all the doors and windows keep the air cool inside and mean that if you walk in and have been outside you walk into a cool home which I am telling you is amazing!

The evening is the same as the morning and often a case of dodge the mozzies try to open the windows wide, we have bug nets on our windows for this reason as my youngest has a phobia of bugs!

Plus who likes flies landing on their faces at night?

I would also suggest a cool shower in the mornings, as nice as a cool bath in the evening feels it can be overstimulating as well as make you feel warmer when you get out and dry off!

Now activities

Anything with water!

Mandalas ( stones, leaf bits,flowers )

Outside art ( this could be anything from stone towers to flower braids )

Draw on the fence in chalk


We often built dens outside when the kids were little and had a whole assault course set up with random water obstacles between activities!

There is so much you can learn and do outside and this is a beautiful time of year I need to put the obligatory warning at the end

Sun cream, cover-up, drink lots and stick to the shade!

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