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Frugality can still be Fun

Frugality is something that a lot of people are having to learn

And its something I had a crash course in so I wanted to share the tips learned at this time of year,

As a mum under 20 with 2 under two, times often had a very strict budget, especially when both of us were students back at university!

I understand what it's like to shop weekly with £30 and hope you can afford what the kids asked for

Let alone what it's like with the pressures of the picture-perfect Christmas that we either remember ( exaggerate) from our childhood or have seen on TV and in the shops

The reality is no such thing exists and often the non-picture-perfect Christmas times make the best memories

Within this slide are pictures of a many ago Christmas, at the time I was soooo stressed because everything was second hand and I could barely afford a chicken for the roast dinner let alone more!


Look at the faces! My boys still remember that Christmas when it took 4 hours to build a playmobile as we didn’t have any instructions and had to find something to replace a missing part

The car was jumping off a homemade ramp made out of a shelf off the bookcase

And the best present they had at the time was a Thomas the tank book that cost £1 from the charity shop!

Christmas is not about what you get but who you are with and how much fun you can make what you have!

Even now Christmas day here is not about the presents but the 4 hr game of monopoly spent with each other and at 17 and 18 I cherish every time they come and play a board game with us!

Anyway back to the point

Christmas frugality tips

1: re-use old clothes! You can make a lot with an old pair of jeans, bags, gloves, toys or even just an old cloth that is used as a cape while playing super hero`s

2: Craft with what you have! Loo rolls are amazing things to craft with from advent calendars to making paper chain decorations, get those felt tips out and hang them everywhere!

3: Get outside: Make dens, jump in icy puddles, stick wars with the icy puddles ( not each other) go out and hunt lights or pick up some leave and pine cones to decorate the house with

4:Baking: Often we see the perfect cookies and cakes or find recipes that are full of things we don’t have BUT Baking is as simple as flour, eggs, butter and sugar. Get the cheapest ingredients and make something that tastes good and decorate as badly as possible!

5: These are my pictures from above, Make do with what you have paid for it for the next three months + will not help in the long run

6: spend time together, have a hot chocolate in front of a rubbish tv, make a den out of your duvet, go for a family walk, redecorate with pine cones, cook together, have a cold food picnic on the floor ( if you cannot put the cooker on) Just make it focused family time!

Most of all reach out to your local community!

There are so many amazing people and charities out there waiting to reach out and help you if you need it!

I hope you all have an amazing Winter holiday and that you don’t look outside of your family for perfect enjoying exactly what you have because it is amazing.

I would love to hear and see some of your favourite real holiday memories below!

Lets replace that image with reality!

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