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Anxiety Tips

Some of my personal tips for Anxiety I have added these to LinkedIn today but want to share them as far as possible!

These are things that have helped me through panic attacks, anxiety and also the fear of new situations and at points fear of leaving the house!

I am thankful to have found all these tools and wanted to make sure anyone who is struggling knows:

· Space: Make your space comfortable for you, if you cannot stand decorations and music then don’t put them up! If this really isn’t possible keep a space, clear and calm that you can retreat to. For example, we do not have decorations upstairs at all it’s a calm place to relax ( bit minimalist really 😊)

· Laughter is a huge release of emotions, have you ever explored laughter yoga? Laughter with your friends and family is massive, take the time to find fun in the situations you are in.

· Gratitude: This one can be something structured or just being in gratitude for what we have, when I have found gratitude difficult I started with the basics, I have running water, I am grateful for the rain feeding the grass.

· Sensory input: this one is important in our neurodiverse home we sometimes need less input and at other points more! Fluffy blankets, cuddly toys indulge yourself in what you need. Turn the music up or down. Sensory input is a personal aspect but its really important

· Get Outside: I know this one can be hard, that first step out the door can feel like a mountain, BUT It really is worth it even if its 5 am or late at night, get out and see the stars if you cannot face the sun!

· Breath: Do you really breathe? Right deep down into your diaphragm? Our breathing patterns can help quiet an anxious mind. If you struggle to do this drop me a message, I am happy to take you over some simple breathing exercises

· Express yourself: Let it out, any way you need one paper, paint, sing, shout or even jump up and down ( this happens a lot with me ) Express yourself freely don’t hold it all inside

· Listen to your intuition, not your thoughts: Your thoughts are not fact, they are a story you are painting, the intuition in the present moment is better to listen to than any thought.

· Talk to someone: If you cannot talk to family or friends, find a professional or if you cannot do that then contact a charity local to your country and ask for help, or if you really need to contact the emergency services and ask them to link you to support,



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