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Affirmations Everywhere

Do you know why we use them?

Most people know what they are and that they are supposed to be good for you, but do you really know why you use them?

Positive affirmations have been proven to make long term effects on your brain, by focusing on telling ourselves what we believe in positive ways, we are protecting our self-integrity and maintaining a more positive mindset.

The pathways in our brains that are to do with positive valuation and self-related information are increase 😊

So today's blog is ten ways to get affirmations into your everyday life and that of your family:

1. YouTube! You can find so, so many videos and although we try and limit screen time in a lot of families. This is one way that could benefit your family, I would suggest supervising it age appropriately.

2. Paint a wall with blackboard paint and make a positivity board in their spaces, take the time to think up new ones each day or week and then spend this time together to make this board look amazing!

3. Put affirmations into things, my son used to like digging out affirmations on paper out of play-doh.

4. Hide the affirmation, you will often find these everywhere if you play hide and seek with affirmations. Everyone writes out an affirmation and hides them somewhere over the day you have to try and find them to talk about at the end of the day.

5. When playing with things like sand make the affirmations in the sand. ( paint, shaving foam)

6. Really obvious one is to get or print out some affirmation cards and play snap with them

7. Bath time pens so you can do affirmations during bath time.

8. Either chalk or water outside in the garden you could even draw round the child and fill them up with affirmations!

9. Stickers everywhere! Ok, maybe a positive affirmations book filled with stickers and not all over your walls.

10. The really simple one is to just take the time out of your day and do them first thing together in the morning, maybe make it a competition who can come up with the most amazing things about ourselves today?

So, these are just a few of the ways you can add affirmations into your families every day!

If you are stuck on what to say I would just google what you want to use affirmations for and then there are a ton of lists available!

For example, search for children, for positivity, for goal setting or for self-confidence.

I would love to see any pictures or hear any ways that you put these into the day.

With the disruption of the world now I think it is more important than ever that we are adding this positivity into family Life.

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