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Dreams will come true!

This isn’t one of those stories in that you set goals and smash them to make loads of money, this is something deeper, a connection to inner peace and a moment of calm in the storm that we expect life to be, this is a moment that a dream you didn’t even think to consider comes true after years of work,

What was the dream?

It is peace, a moment of pure peace!

To be honest, it has taken me a few times to even recognize what the feeling is after living in a world of anxiety and depression for years peace is not something I recognised to start with, it's amazing how fast our minds can label and recognise the more negatively framed emotions but the positive ones, ooo they can be tricky, For example, let me ask you what does Joy feel like to you?

Do you know?

How about peace would you recognize it if that emotional feeling slapped you in the face, I didn’t, not for a long time till this one moment. That one moment I realised my dream had come true,

It wasn’t anything exciting, I am sitting on the sofa watching the rain out of my back door, a fluffy blanket on top to keep warm and as I looked out watching the sky it was a moment of “ life is amazing” pure gratitude and peace flooded my system.

It was that simply my dream to sit in a space of peace instead of constant anxiety had arrived and I recognised it for what it was, instead of anxiety over misunderstanding my emotions,

Yes, that has happened in the past!

So how did I get here and how can you?

Finding that moment of joy, peace, and gratitude is not an impossibility and as seen by my small and very simple moment it is also not something that needs a lot of set-up and work!

What you do need is consistency and belief

You need to consistently live in the moment and look at your thoughts, something that is not as easy as it sounds when you start,

You also need hope and long-term belief that everything happens for you and teaches you something, it is not always an easy lesson but it still teaches us.

This awareness of emotions and understanding of the lessons that you are taking in from the world is a beautiful grounding for creating the emotions you are looking for and creating your dreams that can come true, instead of just waiting for them to happen!

How are you creating your dreams today, do you know what your dream even looks like?

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