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Coaching for Teenagers

Coaching for teenagers is a space for teenagers to be heard, within these sessions, we can look in depth at the reality of life and break it down as we go over what young people are having to deal with every day!

Book A Discovery Call Today

The best way to start coaching is to find out how we can work together book in your session today!

How This Works

I started at the age of 11 showing physical symptoms of depression not that we knew what it was and in truth it was also a whole load of neurodiversity mixed in with the late 90s lack of understanding that girls could present differently and still need support.

Masking was my life!

It took a long time as an adult to undo those masks and find myself, watching my teenagers growing up we have a house with open communication and a wide range of neurodiversity and understanding, dont get me wrong not perfect no house is, or every house is depending on how you look at perfect!

This service provides teenagers with a safe space to discuss their mental health and explore ways forward with someone who is not their parent!

We can go over many areas such as 

  • How they can support themselves by building resilience 

  • How to work with anxiety

  • Empowering emotional intelligence

  • self-compassion

  • Brain Chemistry and how your mind works

  • Confidence building

As with all coaching what happens in the session is up to what the individual brings with them, one week we may be going over the basics of Cognitive behaviour coaching or EFT another week may be a strengths-building exercise or gratitude awareness.

Contact me below using the form to arrange a phone call or Zoom call to see how this can work for you and your family!

Prices start from £250 for 6-week block bookings or£55 Per hour for sessions if this is what stopping you then please discuss this with me as we do have discounted spaces.


Email me or click here  for the  booking link for a discovery call


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