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Coaching For Children

In Person Coaching from ages 3+

Play Based and holistic coaching, imaginative play and toolbox creation

Healthy positivity is key to a healthy mindset 

In Person Childrens Coaching

Children's coaching sessions typically begin with an initial assessment to understand the child's needs, strengths, and goals. I will work with the child and their parents to create a personalized plan that is tailored to the child's specific needs and interests.

In-person sessions work within the children's own home and space this is to bring confidence and enable them to feel safe within this space, no space ever feels like home!

A trial session for the child 


  •  Children often ask why I am there, My explanation is to listen to them, have some fun and spend some time just focused on whatever they want to say!  I will tailor the description as with the session to that child. 

  • I will spend some time talking, asking questions and exploring whatever your child wants to bring up within this space. ( often I get a guided bedroom tour of whatever they want to show off)

  • I will bring with me the crafting equipment for a vision board-style game or a gratitude tree, this is a supported activity with targeted questions and aimed to provide a positive psychology intervention in a style that works for the age range. Younger ages will probably just make a mess! The idea is to be comfortable and to make space for communication, and also to see if they will be open to tasks/arts/play and discover their style!

  • After 30 minutes The space will be made for adults to discuss your aims, if this is not possible within the home we can discuss it on Zoom or a phone call after the session. 


Within the assessment space

At the end of our trial will be an assessment space this is in no way medical it is to bring clarity for your targets as a parent from the investment of sessions for your child.

Space to explore

  • What you are looking to happen/ be the outcome of the coaching session

  • What was it that  called you to book in the first place

  • Why do you think your child would benefit from coaching

  • Anything important that you feel would help our sessions run smoothly

This is not a space for judgment but a space to make sure that your expectations of the sessions match with how your child is within the coaching space and what they may want to get out of it!

This is the time for you to be heard, if you feel that you need more space for this then please book one of our troubleshooting or bespoke parenting support services here 

During the sessions 

During the coaching sessions, I will work with the child to develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve their goals and to work towards any outcomes that have been discussed with them and you as a parent. 

The sessions may involve activities such as role-playing, problem-solving, brainstorming, and reflective exercises. Mindfulness practices may also be incorporated to help the child develop greater self-awareness and focus.

Coaching sessions may take place in person or online and may be conducted one-on-one or in a small group setting. The frequency and duration of coaching sessions can vary depending on the child's needs and goals.

Throughout the coaching process, I will provide ongoing support, encouragement, and feedback to help the child stay motivated and on track.

Parents may also be involved in the coaching process to provide additional support and reinforcement outside of coaching sessions.

Ultimately, children's coaching sessions aim to help children develop the skills, mindset, and confidence needed to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Sessions are £95 per  session or book a block of 6 for £500,   

Payment Plans are available and if cost is what's stopping you drop me a message xx

Booking Timeline

Discovery call

First sessions

Book dates

Book a discovery call or zoom call to discuss whats needed.

The First session is a trial session in person this is a 30 -45 minute session discounted to £55. 

This is to make assessments of what's needed and how coaching will work for your child. It's also space to make sure the child enjoys the sessions.

You Book your sessions for children's coaching, Booking a 6-week block is suggested to gain full benefits and discounts at £500. Travel costs outside of 40 minutes of travel from PE7 are not included in this cost.

Online Coaching For Flexibility 

Coaching online is an affordable option  all information is here, or book a discovery session and we can discuss which would work best for your child

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