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Truly Listening is the perfect place to embark on a journey towards emotional and spiritual well-being. With a  unique blend of positive psychology and energy healing, we can work together to unlock your full potential and achieve the life you deserve. Transform your life today!



Welcome to Truly Listening Positive Psychology Services and Coaching.

Bringing light into life 

What is it that is offered?

Coaching is all about working together and considering the whole picture. It's about what you bring to the table that makes the difference. While I have some ideas to share with you, please keep in mind that they're just suggestions and there's always room for more. with you!

Individual coaching from 8 years plus

Group coaching for local community spaces 

Coaching within the workplace 

Positive psychology and wellbeing boxes( coming soon )

Downloadable resources

Parental support in your pocket

Whatsapp Coaching

 Events and Healing circle space 

Shamanic healing 

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Looking to infuse your life with positivity and joy?

You’ve come to the right place!

As an EMCC-accredited coaching service, specialise in positive psychology services and coaching that will help you unleash your full potential. I am committed to helping clients build Joy, and resilience, cultivate healthy habits, and achieve their dreams.

Ready to jump in?

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Tracy Kearns MSc

What are people saying?

"Coaching to so many people, not just those struggling to find balance in juggling family and business and every day.... but those like me who are struggling with their inner critic who acts like a petulant child at times which has a knock-on effect to their business.

Tracy knew exactly the type of questions to gently guide me through an array of Overwhelm, Money worries and Negative self-talk using a variety of meditative techniques and empowering questions to reframe my situation so that i became kinder to myself in a quicker time and on a deeper level than other therapists/coaches had achieved in the past. Thinking back now over our sessions, she enabled me to sleep better too which in turn helped me waking up more refreshed.

She truly listens, truly cares and having been through (and overcome) a great deal herself she helped me feel truly understood." 

Hayley H

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